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Monday, 03 November 2014 15:12

Worker-communist Party of Iraq


Residents of Kobani in Kurdistan-Syria have given a wonderful example of a courageous armed mass resistance against the criminal ISIS forces and their terrorist projects. For the last three weeks, and despite constant bombardment by artillery and tanks, women and men of this city have been combating waves of military attacks by ISIS forces that are using advanced heavy weapons. Through their heroic resistance, the masses of Kobani have written a shining page in history for themselves against ISIS and its reactionary aspiration in building “Islamic State”.


We, in Worker-Communist Party of Kurdistan, highly express our appreciation to and stand in solidarity with this armed mass resistance. We regard it as a part of the straggle by progressive humanity against all forms of terrorism by political Islam.This form of armed resistance is the only realistic option before humanity to face ISIS and its likes and to protect the society from falling into clutches of Islamic terrorist forces.  These barbaric terrorist groups which are supported and armed by the USA and its allies in the Middles East like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar have become a huge threat to the humanity and its wellbeing in the region. These countries and in particular Turkey whose hands are stained with the blood of people in Iraq and Syria, through supporting the Islamic terrorism are committing a big crime against people of Kobani and surrounding areas as they watch ISIS marches on this city. The fascist Turkish state makes its political and strategic calculations and presents its conditions for intervening, while large scale massacres are looming in Kobani. Turkey in fact is supporting ISIS which is regarded one of the forces; Turkey relies on to advance its ambitions and political and military strategies in Syria and Iraq. We strongly condemn the USA and its allies and in particular the Turkish government and we hold them responsible for what is happening in Kobani.

The courageous resistance by the residents of Kobani is an outstanding mass initiative to defeat and eliminate terrorism. This resistance has proved an important fact that the terrorism of political Islam can be defeated if the masses decide to fight it with determination. It has showed how a small armed mass force in a small city like Kobani can stand up to a huge terrorist force armed with latest heavy weapons for weeks if such a force believes in resistance against terrorism and its atrociousness. If the masses of people in a city or a country want, they could achieve victory and write the history on how to defeat terrorism of political Islam.

The atrocities committed by ISIS and its backers against the people in Iraq and Syria are horrifying. The tragedies of the masses in Kobani are part of this continuous series of massacres, genocides, displacement, raping women and living under the danger of war, bombardment and beheading.

Kobani is under siege, therefore the unarmed population have no option but to flee and in fact tens of thousands have already fled. Turkey uses this human tragedy to impose its conditions on the “People’s Protection Units”. The amount of suffering by the people in Iraq and Syria has never and will never lead America and its allies in the region to change their strategies in supporting terrorism and using it for political and strategies goals. There is no option but for the working class and progressive humanity in these countries to stand up to these countries and force them to stop these horrific crimes.

After just over three weeks of heroic resistance by residents of Kobani, ISIS was able to enter into parts of the city. However this armed mass resistance was able to attract the sympathy and support of millions worldwide. The Worker-communist Party of Iraq calls on the working class and all progressive and socialist forces in Iraq and Kurdistan, in Iran and Turkey and around the world to stand in solidarity with the population of Kobani and their heroic resistance. We call on you to protest against the Turkish government and expose its support for the terrorism of political Islam and ISIS in particular. We also call on the working class and progressive and freedom loving people in America and Europe to put pressure on their governments to stop these massacres committed by these governments and their allies in the region.

Long live the resistance of Kobani

Worker-communist Party of Iraq

9th October 2014.

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