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Thursday, 19 May 2011 01:18


Osamah Golpy

If we are a good citizen within our countries, within our borders, does it mean that we are good humans? If Martin L. king had fought for his own race rights, does it mean that he was a human lover? Or a soldier fought and died for the sake of his nation, does it make him a hero in our humanistic vocabulary. Really, how could we describe a person as a humanist? What are the pre-specified characteristics of such a person? He\she should like what and hate what.


Humanist is a person who cares about the whole human beings and environment without any discrimination. The current system in the globe wants some people to stay in a higher state and others in a lower state- just as a stair to pace on it. They- I mean the leaders, don't want poor people to get improved in their way of life such as education, a better building or just live as a human being. However, they keep them alive to get much more profits from their bodies alive rather than from their souls dead. We have to think clearer than before; we have to leave out our gained inhuman features. Yes, we have seen lots of discrimination because of being a special race, sex or any kind of fragile feature that has put us in the attackable situation. But it does not mean that we have to follow the same procedures and imitate what have been done to us.

Now, we have to think about a child who lacks basic things of life in   Africa to a middle eastern man\woman who seeks liberty under the shadow of terror, up to an unemployed officer who has lost his job for the fact he\ she had not been the strongest to stay like a lion. If we do not move, we will all be eaten by strong lion and lioness.  Just imagine a world that we are not anything except humans. The child in Africa is not starved and the liberty of people in middle east are not given and controlled as well as our namesakes in Europe are either employed or insured by the government, is it impossible to live the life of human being? Or it is possible.

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