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Friday, 30 April 2010 00:00

May Day

“May Day’’ is celebrated in all  countries over the world, but it does not belong to any country. It is celebrated by people inside all nations over the world, but it does not belong to any nation or any religion, therefore the flag of no country, no nation and no religion is raised. This day belongs to a section of the people who have a similar status in life. That status which forces them to put their labour force under capital  to secure humble physical survival.



On the basis of their status, they are forced to confront the capitalists and their states, not only to increase wages and to enjoy a free and dignified existence, not only to achieve the freedom of association and the right to strike and self-defence, but more than that, they are forced to fight for dissolution of the entire system. Their status, their position and the inevitable confrontation with the system will automatically result in unity as a social class in the one hand, and give them a global identity on the other hand.

While they celebrate this “May Day”, workers of Iraq and Kurdistan, experience the country’s instable political situation. They are not only part of a society who is suffering under the weight of hardship and insecurity, but also of all the groups and categories that belong to  capitalism itself, which is mainly embodied in Islamic, nationalist, liberals groups and those who allege  democracy. All these trends experience a deep political crisis, while they are busy restructuring their capitalist state in Iraq. It is the crisis of establishing a government which ensures balance and collaboration in order to secure each groups share of power and wealth in society.  Ranking Iraq as the first among the countries that suffer from financial and administrative corruption, by the united state and its alliance straight after the fall of the Baath regime and the occupation of Iraq, is an essential fact and significant proof that democracy, which was brought by democratic western States, is a gift to the Iraqi peoples.

At this moment, it is not only Iraq and its government which is suffering from exhausting chaos, but the whole world is facing a suffocating predicament caused by the economic crisis of capitalism. The approach of the gigantic ghost of the economic crisis and the fear of disability in solving this dilemma has not excluded any country. What is currently happening in Greece is an example of this.

At the moment society has fallen under the weight of this stifling predicament. Lack of possibilities to lead this crisis towards the freedom of mankind and liberating humanity from the tragedies created by capitalism and its representatives, not only in Iraq but in the rest of the world, is caused one major tragic fact; the absence of a communist alternative and workers internationalism. All tragedies and misfortunes that afflict humanity today that make it revolve in a vicious circle are a result of the absence of this alternative.

Only a communist alternative and worker internationalism has the potential of leading the political struggle, and uniting, not millions but billions, in one powerful socialist association in order to gain political power.

Workers of the World Unite.

Long Live Socialism

Workers Socialist March.

29 - 4-2010


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